Hessen International Summer University Frankfurt

European Studies || European Finance || July 15th to August 11th, 2018

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The Hessen International Summer University Frankfurt consists of academic tracks in European Finance and European Studies, German language courses, and a cultural program. The program is unique in that it takes place at two different universities in Frankfurt - at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. You will spend two weeks at each university (for a total of four weeks) and participate in a cultural program with extracurricular activities to help you discover Frankfurt and Europe!

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Academic Tracks

Students choose between two academic tracks: European Finance and European Studies.

Courses in European Finance include:

  • The Challenges of Intercultural Communication
  • Non-Financial Risk Management in Banks
  • German and European Central Banking
  • Negotiations in Debt Financing

Courses in European Studies include:

  • The Challenges of Intercultural Communication
  • History of the European Integration
  • European Economic and Social Policy
  • Introduction to European Central Banking
  • European Law

Target Audience: The European Finance track is mainly for undergraduate and graduate students studying Business, Economics, or Finance. The European Studies program is open to undergraduate students studying Humanities and Social Sciences.

All classes are taught entirely in English.

You will also benefit from the numerous financial institutions located directly in Frankfurt. We will take field trips to the European Central Bank (ECB), the German Central Bank, and the German Stock Exchange.

Each academic program consists of two seminars, each worth 3 ECTS points (6 ECTS points total). 

German Language Courses

Learn or improve your German while you are here! You will participate in German language courses (3 ECTS points). The courses correspond to different levels of language capabilities and are available for beginning, intermidate, and advanced students.

You will be placed into one of the following courses:

  • German Beginner 1
  • German Beginner 2
  • German Intermediate
  • German Advanced-Business
German Language Course Outline

Cultural Program

You won't be spending all of their time in the classroom - we've designed a Cultural Program to highlight what you will learn over the summer and introduce you to Germany and Europe!

Our Cultural Program includes:

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